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The robot playground at Roppongi Hills is a lot more fun than Midtown's. However, you'll probably need to wait until Shuma is a little older to take advantage of all the slides at that park.

However, Midtown has the advantage in the summer for toddlers. There is a small water play area that was probably already turned off when you visited.


Looks like a lot of fun. I only got to take my daughter into Ginza 4-chome after she had her shots. Before that, Tokyo was off limits. It looks like we missed out. We spent most of our trips away in Kamakura, Urayasu (Disney) and we even went to Tochigi once.


Thanks Micheal. I've heard of the RH robot playground but yeah, I'm waiting until the little guy is a bit older. I didn't know about the water play area at Midtown. I'll look for it next summer (probably open just July and Aug).

David, were you worried about her catching something in Tokyo?


HI (long time stalker here)
I used to take my son to the swings in hinokicho (?) park, behind Aiiku hospital - near National Azabu (if it is still there). Have been meaning to tell you about them in case you haven't found them yet. I think there were two toddler swings.
I miss Tokyo!


Hi Amy! I have always been in love w/ your blog! You have such a beautiful family!! When you have time it would be great to see you post recipes again!!

I was wondering, your pictures always turn out wonderful...what camera do you use?? And do you do any color correcting type of stuff after?

Thanks! I can't wait to do recipes again too, but I doubt it will happen for a while.

You can find camera info on my "About" page. I process most of my pictures in the free photo software that came with my computer, nothing major though.


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